Introducing this blog!

There's something that sparks inside me when I'm among a pit of strangers, screaming and jumping along to live music. Something not everyone around me understands. My first ever gig experience was in 2012 when I saw Cher Lloyd, don't judge me I was 13,and I've been attached to the idea of seeing bands live ever since. I'd go just for the sake of going, to be there in that moment.
After my cringe worthy first concert experience, I've been able to go to a few more. Starting with my obsession, and trust me I mean obsession, with One Direction, I've progressed onto other bands and their influences, which leaves me with a very diverse taste in music. Since those days, I've discovered so many new artists and bands, who I adore, and I've even been able to see a few of them live! Furthermore, I've decided this year will be a big one for me. I'm going to be pushing myself, and my bank balance, to take me to as many different venues and gigs as possibl…

5 Seconds Of Summer 01.07.14

To start off, I'm not sure if you would class this as a proper gig, but it was a small acoustic show for some fans who entered a competition, so I thought I'd blog about it anyway. Now, at the time 5sos were touring with One direction so their fanbase was growing rapidly. I never thought I would actually win the chance to meet them, but, when I stood at the bus stop in my town reading the email to my mum on the phone I knew this was going to be an amazing experience for me. Not only did I win the chance to get their album signed but I won entry to their acoustic gig beforehand too! 
This was the first time I had ever seen them perform without being a suport act, the whole thing was acoustic so I had the chance to hear some stripped back songs and with such a small crowd we all got very intimate and were joking around between the songs too. Previously, I had gone to try and meet the boys at their first ep signing in Reading, but I didn't have a ticket so we joined the grou…

One Direction 30.05.14

To prove my experience in gigs I thought I'd start to just write up my blogs about some that I've been too, which I'm hoping will also attract more fans to my blog. So, to start off, I thought I'd go back, not as far as when I went to see Cher Lloyd but to my first, non-cringey (but still kind of cringey), concert that I went to in May 2014.
How did I end up there?
As I briefly explained in my first blog, I was that teenager, obsessing over the 5 boys. Posters covering my walls as I begged my parents and family members to get me concert tickets. Now, it took a long time to actually get tickets, but I wasn't too late, Zayn was still with the band when I saw them which is defiantly a bonus! It was the year that I turned 15, so my very generous friend had brought me tickets to go. If you're wondering yes I screamed and cried and thanked her daily.
The tour was set in stadiums so I knew my view wouldn't be close but it would be amazing, even though I was the …